Basement Finishing Companies in Denver Colorado
Pricing For Basement Finishing Companies in Denver Colorado.
Whats It Coat to Finish a 1000 square foot basement.

Since 2003 Denver in partnership with My One Call has been referring experienced basement finishing firms to Denver homeowners to provide free estimates. Over
1000 homeowners have utilized us to provide  free estimates for their basement finish without a complaint!

How much will I pay to finish my basement?
You can use a rough figure of $45.00 to $55.00 a square foot for basic and complete basement finishing for basements 1000 square feet or larger. You will see some
internet sites quoting lower rates, but after seeing hundreds of proposals in the last year $50.00 with carpet is about the average. For a higher quality finish with extra features (wet
bar, built in cabinets, higher end fixtures) you will start around $55.00 a square foot and up.

For basements under 800 square feet, the average cost per square foot increases if you have a bathroom in the design. Recent examples  include an 800 square foot basement with
bathroom, recreation room, and one bedroom with a basic professional finish, $47,300.00 (from a lower priced company). If you count on $55.00 for every 100 square feet finished
you will have a good idea.

If your not adding a bathroom and just need an office or play space for the kids you can figure on about $30.00 to $35.00 a square foot.

Some smaller firms don't mind if you do the painting or the trim. That can save you money if you are on a budget. Larger companies general will not bid a project that the homeowner
wants to participate in the construction. This is another reason why utilizing a referral service that matches your project to contractors that will meet your requirements can be a real
time saver.

How long will it take?
A 1000 square foot basement will take from about six weeks to twelve weeks depending on the size of the company you select. This does not include the time it will take to have your
permit approved through your local building department.

How do I know I am getting a good company?
There are many resources online to help you with that. Check the Better Business Bureau and call references. Also, check their insurance.

Should I get a Permit?
Yes. Many homeowners do not understand that if you ever have damage to your home, and the cause started in the basement, it may not be covered by insurance if you did not have
a permit on the basement finish. It also ensures that the contractor has built your basement to the minimum building codes. A contractor that recommends you complete your
basement without a permit may be looking to cut corners, and problems will not appear for months or years (like the first big rainstorm that floods your basement).

Is finishing my basement a good investment?
The average return on a finished basement is around 70% of what you spend. That, of course, includes all the do it your self-basements as well as the high-quality professional
finished basements. It would stand to logic that the higher and better quality finish the better your return on investment. If this is a major concern you should check with an experienced
real estate professional, as your neighborhood, the  size of your home and current selling conditions will have an impact on the answer.

Most homeowners finish a basement to fill a need of new space for children, an office or just more space to entertain and host family and friends. Adding 1,000 square feet of
professionally finished basement at $50.00 a square foot, is a lot less money than purchasing a new home where that same additional square footage will cost $170.00. In this case,
it seems to make financial sense.

Where do I find a Contractor?
Many sources are available. The traditional sources are friends or neighbors who have had a similar project completed. Google search, Internet directories or websites, and referral
services. Our company is local referral service. We not only refer companies to you, we also screen the project to make sure we send a company that matches your project. Every
other referral service we know simply takes your information and sells it to up to five contractors. This can waste a lot of your time and the contractors time. Most of the better
contractors that we know do not participate in the national or local referral service lead plans as they don't need to, as a good contracting company is busy and works from better
sources of new customers, like referrals and My One Call. Whichever source, or the combination of sources you use, please make sure to do a complete reference, license, work
quality, and insurance check on your own of the contractor you select. Also, make sure that the contractor does similar work. Just because they built your neighbors deck does not
qualify them to do a basement finish.

And then what Happens?
You will need about one hour per appointment with each contractor. In the first appointment, each will discuss your project, make suggestions, measure your basement, and introduce
their company to you.

Most companies will have some sort of estimate back within a week, and will most likely want to meet with you again to explain the estimate. Sometimes you may decide to go with a
professional design, and that can take another appointment.

During this selection period be sure to budget your own time to call references and go see work of the contractors you are considering. I am always amazed how often homeowners
sign a contract without talking to a company's references at all! Please make the time and put in the energy to check your contractor's references, licensing, and insurance.

How many estimates should I get?
As many as you need to feel you can make a good choice. Do remember that even though these initial appointments and some full estimates are free, you are asking a contractor to
spend between four and eight hours at no charge to compete for your business. The rule of thumb seems to be three estimates is a good number. You can always get more  
estimates later.
If you are ready to discuss your basement finishing project please call us or contact us through our website. Our services are free to homeowners. at My One Call LLC, 720-254-1234